Conditions and views...Dalby or Gisburn

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So, we are heading out this morning. We are in Halifax so can turn left or right on the M62 and head to eaither Dalby or Gisburn. What do you think? Anyone got any info on the latest conditions of the trails at either?

Weather forecast is good for both.

Gisburn is a closer, but my 11 yr old daughter likes Dalby better, but says she would be happy with either.

Just wondered if anyone has been to both lately and know what the conditions are like, becasue that might be the deciding factor.

Many thanks, Michael.
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    Depends what you want to do really.
    I haven't been to Gisburn in years, however I would go there before Dalby. Dalby is only good if you're training for endurance events as it's dull as mud.

    That said, Dalby will probably survive the weather a LOT better than Gisburn. As to the condition of either at the moment, I've no idea
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    Did Dalby yesterday in the end. Very quiet but a bit boggy in places, overall a great day.
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    How much for your daughter?
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