Peugeot Touriste/126mm to 120mm

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I've got a Peugeot Touriste 80's steel road bike which my brother found rusting behind a garage when he was working as a tree surgeon.

2 questions:

1) It's similar to this except it is in much worse condition, the wheels are heavily tarnished/corroded, the paint is damaged, it has a non-original saddle and someone has replaced one of the metal Simplex downtube shifters with a completely useless plastic one which won't hold tension and shifts itself into the small ring. I also don't believe that poster is correct about Carbolite tubing, from what I can see it is a low level tubeset (also a size or two big for me). So it would take a fair amount of fixing and I don't think it's worth it - although if someone knows any better I'd consider restoring it if it was worthwhile?

2) Instead I was thinking of singlespeeding it for riding around town. It has a 126mm rear dropout spacing, but most singlespeed wheelsets are 120mm rear hub spacing. Presumably I neeed to do something to make it fit or can I just go ahead and rely on tightening the axle to take out the 3mm on each side I need to reduce it by?