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Hi all, I have recently purchased a vintage bicycle frame from a rubbish tip and would like some help identifying the frame model. The style of it makes me think Reynolds but I haven't owned one like this before (I have several 531 / 501 bicycles). <-- pictures

It has been repainted previously so I'll end up stripping it and repainting, if structurally sound. The only hint of the original colour is the blue at the rear stays if anyone wants to guess who built it?


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    Those wrapover seat stays look possibly Carlton? Looks decent quality. Is that a campag high flange hub too? You need to see if there is a serial number on the bottom bracket and work from there, or ask someone on retrobike.
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    The wraparound was to be found also on Holdsworth and Claude Butler... it's going to be a bit of a job to get something out of it, but well done for rescuing it
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    Thanks for the replies - it has given me something to research. I have also submitted this question at retrobike.
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    I had one with wrap over exactly like that. Nervex dropouts too. Went on a long search and never found out what it was
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    As above - unless there are some decals under all those layers of paint, you will probably never find out for certain.
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    That wrap over looks like an early Rourke!
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  • It is truly huge. I think that it is likely to be a built to measure job, rather than off the shelf. It could be a lot of builders, including Bob Jackson. The cable stops and outer cable loop over the bracket would lead me towards maybe late 60s, early 70s, but it could just be a customer preference.
    Please tell me that you are at least 6ft +++ before you invest in refinishing, which will be at least £150+ to do it justice. :wink: