New to the forums. Maybe a silly question about wheel / tyre combo

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Hi. Pretty new to road biking (january) really enjoying it. Riding a hybrid the now with 28c tyres. Really enjoying the cycling.

So I bought a set of Gatorskins. 700 x 25c. But looking at a chart online, it says my 622 x 19c wheels will only accommodate 700 x 28c +.

I have done a bit of searching. And some people say that these charts are very conservative. So would I get away with the 25c Gatorskins on these wheels? Anyone any experience with this?



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    The charts are conservative, and the trend in recent years is to wider rims which reduce the aero drag created by the bulbous tyre narrowing to a narrower rim.

    I presume you are using this guidance ... e-data.pdf
    I know people riding 25's on a 21mm rim without issue, I think you'll be fine.

    Note though that rolling resistance would be lower with a 28mm tyre, so upto about 15mph or so it will mean less effort on a 28mm, only once aero becomes more of a factor will 25mm be easier.
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