Bike trailer help!

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Hi, I am new to the site so apologies if this has been done to death. We have two children (aged 3 and 5). They are both tall! We cycle a lot on the voies vertes in France and have always used hamax seats. This has been fab but they have both outgrown them now (certainly the 5 year old, may still get away with the 3 year old boy..) Our daughter (5) has just learnt to ride her own bike and we are keen to try a trailgator. However, I wondered about any views on trailers, either single or double. We would need one that would manage off road and across rough terrain. Thoughts? Thanks very much!


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    I'd suggest trail gator for the 5 year old and tagalong for the 3 year old. They'd probably get bored in a trailer at that age.
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    Our 3 year old loves his trailer. He'll not be in it much longer I think. He'll still use his Hamax seat since we'll still need to get him to places by bike. The trailer is more for quiet country roads, off road cycle routes and simple trails. Basically leisure riding.

    We've got a Burly dlite 2 child trailer. It's got a decent height and bulges out at elbow height so as good as any trailer for space. It's got basic suspension, newer versions have a spring mech but ours was from before then. It's done lakekand trails before. One was.quite rocky at times. Also peak district green lanes. Although our son was 18 months then so we put him on a child seat because the lane was to gutted and rocky for the trailer when the child young.

    We're always conscious that whatever we want to do is something he's happy to do. Pushing a young child into activities we're into could lose him we feel. It's all about giving him an interest in getting out and active in the outdoors. It sounds like the OP's got a similar outlook on this.

    Trailer choice - we like our Burly D-lite. If money no b object I'd get a Thule trailer with the animal names, not sure which one. The 5 year old has probably outgrown a trailer. Suggest something attaching a child's bike to the back of yours with a larger trailer as a sanctuary if necessary as a last resort.
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    We had a croozer kid for 1 which was fab. I imported it from Holland and saved over £100, sold it 3 years later for £5 less than I paid for it. My son was in it until nearly 4, it doubled up as a push chair which was great when we arrived in town. He then moved on to an Isla cnoc 16 with a follow me tandem. We found it to be much more stable than a tailgator or a tagalong (tried both). The follow me goes up to a wheel size of 20" so even now it's useful on longer bike rides when he gets tired. Can highly recommend the croozer, very high build quality, rugged, coped well with off road paths.