Bent / Wobbly chainring

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Just noticed that my outer chain ring (FSA vero Compact) is either slightly bent or wobbly. I decided to inspect it after the chain unshipped whilst changing up going down a short hill on a club run. Luckily I wasn't applying a great deal of force/power when chain came off.

I've taken off the chainrings and crankset (drive side only) and 'checked" if the outer chainring is warped / bent by placing the ring flat on the kitchen worktop to try and detect wobble..!!
Having re assembled the crankset back on it still has a very small wobble... About 1-2mm when checking against the FD.

is it time for a new chainring or crankset ? Or do I need to get the hammer out !!..

Thanks in advance ...


  • photonic69
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    Sure it's not some play in the bottom bracket? I had similar issues. Held pedal and could wobble crank arm by about 1-2 mm. New BB and all is good again.

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

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    fsa vero chainrings are like cheese, i had one buckle on me going up a short sharp ramp, it took just finger strength to bend it back close enough to flat to gently make it home

    vero is an oem-only model, the spider is standard, you can just get a generic chainring to replace the bent one, this'll probably be ok... ... -prod35323

    ...or you can pay more for a lighter one
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    i think a slight wobble is pretty typical for many rings - manufacturing tolerances etc. However 2mm sounds excessive. Replace if you think its dropping the chain.