Belgium and Holland coastal ride at end of April - wet??

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I'm going to be riding along the Belgian/Dutch coast at the end of April.

Is it likely to be wet?? (I expect so...)

Also, is the prevailing wind coming in off the sea? Or is it coming from the south west like in the UK?


  • cycleclinic
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    Of course it could be wet it is a coastal ride next to the north sea. It will also be windy. Or it could be lovely can you predict the weather for next week let alone a month ahead? -wheel building and other stuff.
  • kingstonian
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    Whichever direction you take, expect a headwind!!!! Don't think I ever get a tailwind when I'm riding there.
  • andymiller
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    You can get some information from eg ... lissingen-

    but average statistics only get you so far.
  • jc4lab
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    50/50 chance but look at the monthly forecast.. bbc weather etc.accuweather etc....Perfect time for the bulbfields.Stunning when sunny..You can stay at Katwijk or Norwijk on thv coast as a base if you want to see them ...Kreukenhof Gardens,(themselves worth going in as well the fields around it.), is just a few miles in from there...Local bike shops in Katwijk & Norwijk will give you a tulip cycle bike route map..Or hire you a dutchbike as the less then smooth trails are best done on a either a dutch or hybrid bike

    Worth a visit is Queens day in Amdsterdam aboout 28/9 the April..Party day ,party boats,A sea of Orange and friendly dutch will make you welcome.and part of it.Its also garage sale/car boot maybe take a trailer if you .collect stuff

    Windwise...Cycled the Zuidersee dyke den Helder over the Friesland and back,That day the wind was behind me coming bac k southwards..The dyke is about 25km and you can belt along it top speed if you want to let loose .No stronmg winds against me any time..but maybe i was just lucky..Kinderdijk is the place for windmills but its nearer Rotterdam