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Almost got hit by car - what to do?

itchieritchieitchieritchie Posts: 332
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Cycling down the Euston Road and close to Princess Grace hospital when a car juts ahead and snaps a left, cutting me off completely. I hit the front brake on my singlespeed and almost cartwheeled over the bars.

Luckily I managed to control the bike somehow and although part of my bike glanced the car, I was mercifully unhurt. The driver stopped and through the window (across the front passenger), asked if I was alright. Foreign gentleman, possibly Arabic.

I couldn't feel any damage to myself or my bike so I just thought "What the hell, why bother?" and he duly sped off.

Just as I was composing myself on the pavement, I saw another driver flash me by the lights. He beckoned me over and then told me that he had the registration number and that the driver was NOT allowed to turn left there. Maybe I was a little in shock so I told him that it was ok and he asked again if I was sure, then when I said "No, I'm ok", he too continued his journey.

This happened about 15 minutes ago (8:15pm) and now I'm typing this at home and wondering if I did the right thing. But if there's no damage to me or the bike, was there much point?

All advice very welcome.


  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 70,640 Lives Here
    No-one was hurt.

    Chalk it up to good luck and move on.
  • Thanks Rick, that was pretty much my first instinct. Bloody annoying though. And I think I WILL get the cops in next time, just to throw the book at him. How else would he learn...??

    Stay safe out there, people. Some crazies around...
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 70,640 Lives Here
    If I reported every nutter I encountered to the rozzers I'd spend most weeks down the station.

    There will come a time you make a mistake which results in a near miss, and you'll be glad it doesn't end worse.
  • steve55steve55 Posts: 19
    Completely agree. Last night I had someone honking his horn behind me as I was a bit out into the road to avoid a pile of broken glass. Whenever it happens, I think to myself "imagine carrying that kind of rage around with you all the time" and try to move on. Restrict any responses to "please calm down" if you have to. IMHO, the cyclists who shout at drivers and give the finger at any slight infringement damage the reputation of the rest of us and it's mostly just the car driver didn't see the cyclist, which you should always assume will be the case and avoid accordingly.
  • 964cup964cup Posts: 1,362
    I'd fit a rear brake as a starter for 10.
  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,438
    I've almost been hit loads of times, just let it go, no point churning it over, learn from it and carry on with your life.
    Saracen Tenet 3 - 2015 - Dead - Replaced with a Hack Frame
    Voodoo Bizango - 2014 - Dead - Hit by a car
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  • Jay_FormeJay_Forme Posts: 132
    Step by Step Guide..

    1- get a gopro.
    2- set up a youtube account.
    3- film everything.
    4-hope someone does something wrong, be it a mistake on their part or just them being a dope.
    5- if they do catch up with them at the lights and tell them they could've killed you.
    6- upload to youtube.
    7- include the reg number and send to the police.
    8- ignore the above as there already seems to be a million and 1 people doing that and chalk it up as a near miss. ive made mistakes in both my car and on my bike, it happens.
  • Mr_CellophaneMr_Cellophane Posts: 690
    If I reported every nutter I encountered to the rozzers I'd spend most weeks down the station.
    If you reported every nutter you encountered you would be Traffic Droid.
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