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Alternatives for Shimano Tourney 7-speed derailleur

annoyingtwitannoyingtwit Posts: 127
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I have an old bike with a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur which I want to replace. The bike is an old Dawes Mojave from about 2006 or so. The current derailleur (which might not be original) looks to be a Shimano RD-TX35. The current Mojave uses a RD-TX35.

I can easily buy a RD-TX35, and this will be my default action. However, are there any other derailleurs I should look at?

The bike will have a 14T-34T "Megarange" freewheel, and I want to use the original indexed shifters at the front.

The next Shimano range up from the Tourney is the Deore, but the rear derailleur cost 3x as much as the tourney. Worth it? If so, why? There are more expensive Tourney models, e.g. the TX55 or TX75. However, it seems that they accept the cable coming from a different direction, and this may cause wiring problems if I try to install them on my frame. The Deore M592 claims to work for 7 speed systems. I found some discussions on various forums but they mostly seemed to be arguments between people who denounced Tourney as 'junk' versus those who say that they work quite well for 'junk'. There were some points made concerning materials and construction, but little that I found in terms of how well they work and last.

I will not be using this bike off-road, but will be using it in all weathers.


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