Ultegra FD trimming

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Morning all, I have experienced some of the frustrating issues with the Ultegra 6800 FD re trimming and the general performance of the new FD (as per a good many others). I have previously had the same issues with Campagnolo Chorus too. I find that I have chain rub issues in the little ring at the front and the little ring at the back, and big ring at the front and big ring at the back. The other trimming of the FD seems to be good. My query is this; for many years we were led to believe that cross chaining was bad practice, so why are the new 11 speed set up (in theory) to allow ratios that are cross chaining?

Are these many FD issues down to the tolerances required by 11 speed groupsets as my 10 speed groupsets were faultless? I know one mechanic who has a theory that the older frames (pre-2014) were designed for 10 speed and not the tight tolerances of 11 speed but I find that difficult to believe. After all, it is just a cable and a piece of plastic and metal. Surely, it can't be that complicated to get a FD set up accurately???????? Interestingly, the 11 speed Ultegra on my Titanium winter bike has a band on FD and these seems a lot more reliable.

Would I be right in thinking that as long as the right combinations of gears work, forget the utopia of all gears working together? :|


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    Not much help as far as a solution is concerned but I have been having the same problems. Just built up a new bike with 105 11 speed and have closely followed the instructions for set up of the FD, but no matter how carefully everything is set up there seems to be some chain rub at the front when running big to big. I suppose this could be avoided as you say by selecting small at the front but I quite often like to run big to big for short up hill stretches. Never had this problem with 105 or Ultegra 10 speed.
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    In anticipation of starting my build project based around 11 speed 105 5800, I have done some research on FD set up. This video seems to be a simple and straightforward guide and gets encouraging comments from the reviewers.


    I think the 6800 FD operates in the same way so give it a try - no guarantees tho'
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    Thanks arlowood, the video is the same method as I was using. I have discovered that the chain was actually rubbing on the top of the derailleur rather than side. Although I had set up the chain to wheel clearance as per the little sticker supplied on the derailleur I had to increase this clearance slightly. This I think is because the frame I am using has a more angled seat tube, this coupled with 32 largest cassette ring was causing the rub.