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1867_owl1867_owl Posts: 2
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Good afternoon fine folks of the Bike Radar forum. I was hoping that you could give me some advice.?

I have recently bought a Jamis Ventura for £420 and have been looking at getting insurance for it. My last two bikes have been stolen and it was pretty heartbreaking. I can't leave my new bike looked outside the pub for five minutes without anxiously looking out the window.

Anyway, the bike insurance world is very complicated and murky! Once i think ive found a good deal i realise that the excess is £100 or there are a load of scathing online reviews.

What i am looking for primarily is theft insurance (not bothered about damage/third party/personal liability ect) for no more than about £50 per year with little or no excess. I have a gold sold secure D-lock which is my normal everyday lock.
Anyways i hope you can help. Any and all help will be greatly received.


  • alex222alex222 Posts: 598
    There have been loads of numerous pots on this, so if you use the search functions there is lots of information out there on the forum.
    Cheapest option is generally just adding the bike to your home contents insurance. Most home insurance companies will allow you to add a bike of the value you have and will cover theft providing you have the appropriate lock.
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