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SRAM S-700 2 x 11 Flat Bar Shifters - Operation/Set-up

arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,501
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Need some help here.

Have volunteered to convert my PX London Road to a flat bar version for my grandson. Currently fitted with drop bars and SRAM Rival22 2 x 11 speed shifters.

Following some research I purchased and have received a set of SRAM S-700 2 x 11 speed flat bar shifters which are reputed to be compatible with the RIval front and rear mechs already on the bike. The front and rear shifters look like this:-



I took them out of the box(they come with the inner cables already installed) and maybe foolishly had a go at actuating the front shifter to check if it was double tap as each shifter only has one lever that moves. The lever did move a fair distance and there was an audible click. I am assuming that as supplied the shifter was in the default "low" or small chain ring position and that the long travel and click represented the action needed to move the FD over onto the big ring. Problem is however that the lever now appears to be stuck in that position and only moves a short distance before it stops.

I can't find any User Manuals or other tech data sheets to help with the set up and installation of these shifters. I'm afraid SRAM appear lax in this respect compared to Shimano.

Have I banjaxed the unit or is it just that the shifter needs some spring tension on it from the FD to get the double tap mechanism to work and drop the actuator back to the "low" position.

Maybe some of you guys with MTB experience and knowledge of SRAM double tap flat bar systems could chip in.

I haven't dared to touch the 11-speed rear shifter until I know what I should be doing.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,208
    if the cable wasn't under tension perhaps the cable anchor was not fully seated, when you actuated the shifter the anchor was sticking out and has now got jammed

    i'd remove the cover and investigate - try lifting then rotating the triangular piece, start at the end furthest from the cable entry
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  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,501
    Sorted now hopefully after a reply from someone on the MTB workshop forum.

    It appears that it is a dual lever design and the short stubby protrusion is the release lever - despite it looking more like a finger rest. It also moves in the same direction as the long lever despite the design suggesting that it should be pulled in the opposite direction. Quite stiff also so that's why I thought it was just a finger leverage point.

    When the short lever is pushed the cable is released back to the default "low" position.

    Thanks for your input
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