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SCOTT SOLACE 10 opinion

patrazpatraz Posts: 18
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Anybody has experience with the SCOTT SOLACE 10 (2015)? What is your opionion about this bike?


  • Not the same but similar - I have a 2014 Solace 30, which I think has the same HMF frame. I actually bought it much reduced for upgrading (its now all Ultegra). Most reviews are spot on, in that it is a very comfortable bike (I have back problems) to ride for many miles and it does seem to soak up poor surfaces very well. If weight is your thing, the finishing kit can easily be upgraded, as the syncros kit, whilst ok, is not overly light. Can't comment on the Syncros wheels, as mine came with RS11s, which I've upgraded to C35s, again helping with road buzz etc. The oversize downtube can be an issue as it really amplifies any rattles in the internal cabling - with the chainstay mounted rear brake, there are three cables running inside the tube. But once set up properly, it's fine. Hope this helps.
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  • warrior4lifewarrior4life Posts: 1,127
    I rode the Ultegra version on a demo day. It was comfy, light and fast. I wasn't keen on the looks but the ride itself was great. It actually felt a little better than my Giant Defy Advanced, maybe because it was a new bike.
    The Syncros wheels which I believe are DT-swiss were nice, I was told they weighed 1575g so very respectable.
    With Dura Ace it would only be better.
    I don't think there are any £3500 bikes out there that are bad, as long it fits, has the right riding position and gearing you can't go wrong.
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