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Tips for routes near Malaga

g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
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I'm going to be staying in/near Malaga - near the coast in a place called Pedregalejo. I'm looking for some 2-3-4 hour circuits to ride from that part of town (can't really drive out to other locations).

I'm planning to do the loop up to La Fuente de la Reina: but I'm after other recommendations.

Looking for steady-ish higher-cat climbs to a get some alpine-style practice in.



  • Hello mate, stayed near Pedregalejo a few years back. Unfortunately it was a strictly no cycling holiday with the missus but I can imagine there are some worthwhile climbs for you to take on. In fact I just found one for you that should get your blood pumping.

    Tip for you here. What I tend to do and what I find works for me is I put in the place name into Strava Segment Explorer (in this case I put in Pedregalejo), and I found that climb above. What I tend to do then is look at the top part of the leaderboard for that segment and look at those athletes and their routes providing their not 'request to follow'. In this instance we have a perfect example for you as the KOM (some fella named, Hedu Garcia) and you can check all his rides and some of his butties rides out freely. He's done a mere 5000km so far already :shock: this year and went up that 15.4km climb at 6% at an easy pace of 24.8kph :shock:, which took him 37 mins !! Looking at it though that's all he did so no Kudos from me :wink: haha.

    Just some examples below, but you get the gist.

    No doubt some tasty riders around these parts my friend. Good luck, ride safe, and enjoy it !!
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    Cheers - checking up on those that ride the local segments is a good idea. That first on you linked to is the one I mentioned - La Fuente de la Reina. I expect that'll be the first one I hit.
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