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Giant TCR carbon differences

mikey2341mikey2341 Posts: 170
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It's time for a new bike and I'm looking at the TCR's from Giant. Would I notice a huge difference in the ride from the basic advanced 1 compared to say the advanced pro 1 or is it just clever marketing?



  • SemantikSemantik Posts: 537
    You get a much better wheelset(£800+ RRP) with the Pro 1 and of course the full carbon fork.
  • mikey2341mikey2341 Posts: 170
    I've just pulled the trigger on a 2015 TCR pro 2, £1300 from tredz and if you spend 1500 you get an extra 250 off, seemed like too good a deal to miss!
  • I've just took delivery of a tcr advanced sl and although I've not owned a giant before , it replaces my much loved cube agree , which I'd spent a small fortune on upgrading. All I can say is its a completely different machine. The bike feels much more planted and the handling is fantastic. Some say the ride is harsh but I've not found it so. I've only been on three 20+ mile rides so far ( due to injury ) but I can't see comfort being an issue. I do ride in quite an aggressive possition which may suit the tcr but having tried quite a few other bikes , I can honestly say the Giant was the best ( for me at least ) and the full carbon wheelset is fantastic :lol:
  • I had the opportunity to demo the full range a few years ago all with the same groupset, finishing kit and wheels so you could specifically feel the difference in the carbon.
    I was stunned at the difference, the Composite was fantastic, the advanced was the best bike I'd ever ridden and the SL was even better.
    At the time I worked in chain of bike shops that sold 22 big brands.
    Before the test I was sceptical about the difference between the carbon and the ride quality.
    Giant are great bikes and I'd go for the best frame I could get, it really is worth it.
  • mikey2341mikey2341 Posts: 170
    The bike arrived today, I'm really happy with it! The deal I got made it even sweeter!
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