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Stages power meter

jonnywipeoutjonnywipeout Posts: 11
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Need some advice? Looking to buy a stages power meter and im not sure which to buy? My left side crank arm has no it. . . Shimano fc r563/r565/rs500. Not sure if it's 105 or ultegra or fsa? Can anyone help me please? It's a lot of money worth to get wrong?


  • A quick Google seems to put it at Tiagra level. It'll be a the same fit as 105 and Ultegra just a little heavier.

    If there is also no branding / name on the drive side then save yourself a bit of money and go for a the 105.
  • Thanks Scottishgeek. . The drive side just says
    Shimano fc 500. . Everything confirm tiagra? If so, I'll go for the 105 as it's cheaper?
  • FC 500 doesn't seem to show up in search, although FC-S500 does.

    Everything points to it being Hollowtech II anyway. The common language used states 'Tiagra level'.

    This will show how it's put together for you to confirm:-

    All Shimano 105 / Ultegra etc use the same principle. If so 105 would certainly be the right choice based on price.

    What bike is it?
  • thank you for clearing it up for me.. im going to upgrade to power meter and want to ge censored right?
    105 is much cheaper too :)
    Good luck for London to Paris..ill sponsor you on your just giving..chapeau to you :)
  • Thanks.

    Your non drive side arm should have Allen head bolts at the the top to secure it. In the centre of the arm section that attaches to the shaft will look, something like this :-

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