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Motorcyclist on the Piste

sutbagssutbags Posts: 45
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I was riding home the other day down a local hill , doing about 30 mph. All of a sudden I felt something on the back of the seat. A lad on a motorcycle had pulled up behind me and grabbed my seat, slowing me down! He then proceeded to slalom through the two lanes of traffic like a downhill skier.He then slowed all the cars in the second lane down to about 5 mph whilst he wailed at the driver behind him. I'm glad the lights at the bottom of the hill were on green. If they had been on red I think either me or one of the car drivers would have lost it big time. I could have easily had an off and at that speed me and the carbon would have been ruined. What an idiot :shock:


  • olake92olake92 Posts: 182
    That's a great one to do to your mates when you get tired though!

    *Bit of a stupid thing to do in any other situation
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  • DavidJBDavidJB Posts: 2,019
    Sounds like a class A censored . He will get his just rewards..hopefully head first into a tree.
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