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Updated Kinesis stable

ti_yredti_yred Posts: 52
edited April 2016 in Your road bikes
Hi all,

Recently updated my Kinesis Racelight Gran Fondo Ti v2 with new wheels and hubs from Hope. Mavic Open pro 32's with Hope Mono RS hubs, a new Pro Turnix saddle and black bar tape to match:


And I've got shot of my Ribble Winter 7005 frame for a Kinesis Racelight T2 v3. Reason being the frame geometry is almost identical to my Gran Fondo which suits me to a tee, the Ribble being longer in the top tube mainly, so its a more comfortable ride (important when you turn 45 and work outside all day for a living!)....


Have transferred all the 105 5800 components over from the Ribble with the exception of the front derailluer (need clamp on for the Kinesis) and brakes which is a shame as the 105 brakes have great stopping power, but again I needed long drop brakes so have gone for the Tiagra level R451 calipers which work just fine with upgraded pads.

Whels are Mavic Open Pros 32's with Hope Mono RS hubs again. Pro Turnix saddle and bar tape, Pro LT stem and the old bars from the ribble.

Happy Days :)


  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    The T2 v2 frame is a nice colour. Not sure if anything else has changed against the T2 v2 frame?
  • ti_yredti_yred Posts: 52
    I think the shape of the seatstays and chainstays have been modified. Viewed from side on they look the ssame as the v2 but from behind they are more curved. Think they call it an hourglass shape or something like that. Havent seen or ridden previous versions so cant really say for sure. I did prefer the blue frame to the butt ugly grey one though!
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