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Whyte T-130S Yari

losttheplot1972losttheplot1972 Posts: 4
edited March 2016 in Your mountain bikes
Hi guys,this is my new ride. Had 2 rides and really impressed so far,not sure on the tyres yet though-don't know whether to switch to Minion dhf and High Roller 2


  • Identical to mine. Good choice :wink:

    I didn't like the rear tyre so put the trail boss on the rear and a vigilante up front which has helped a lot.

    Probably not as good as the maxxis but doesn't go sideways as much and was the cheaper option
  • Cheers for that mate,bit cheaper than Maxxis and worth a punt ☺
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    Smashing bike! Agree on the tyres, rode a few T130's last weekend and wasn't overly impressed with the WTB tyres, also rode a T130 works with Maxxis tyres and they felt much better, a high roller/ardent combo works very well!

  • kyle17290kyle17290 Posts: 261
    Whats your opinion on the yari?? Nicr bike by the way, really fancy one myself. If only they did a frame only option.
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