2 rings with a 3 ring shifter?

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I am looking for advice. 4 years ago I bought a new roadbike which was priced very low, it turned out the shifters have been replaced and it had a 3 ring shifter with just two rings. I thought this would be fine for me, I never had a roadbike before that. I adjusted the front derauiler to work on just the little ring with pretty much the whole cassette without much rubbing and kt worked fine. After 4 years of training I find the small ring to be to "easy" and would like to be able to change rings, I tried to adjust the front derauiler over 20 times now with no luck.

My question is: shoukd I bring it to a mechanic and hope he willbe able to adjust it properly, or should I buy new rings (a 3 ring setup) or should I buy a new shifter (a 2 ring version)?

Thanks forany kind of advice and comments!


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    Might help to have a bit more detail such as which groupset is it (Shimano, SRAM, Campag). What speed is 8,9 or 10.

    Reason I ask is that the most straightforward solution would be to buy a double LH shifter then you won't be faffing about setting limits and second guessing to get the triple shifter to operate as a double.

    It can be done but maybe not very reliable when it does work.

    You can pick up a 10-speed 105 LH shifter on Ebay for £40 + postage

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Shimano-105-5 ... Swv9hW5EKE
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    The is no reason that swapping to a double shifter will sort your problem though- triple shifters should work fine on double front ring. more likely there will still be a problem with the limit screws and cable tension.
    Several threads already, not sure how good this one is:
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    It should be possible to set it up - the spacing between rings is the same on double or triple rings and that's the key thing.

    You'll just have an empty click but that doesn't matter.

    Start from scratch and get the limit screws sorted and it should be straightforward.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.