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Sub 2k new bike advice

thisisjohnnykthisisjohnnyk Posts: 3
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I’d welcome your advice on a sub 2k trail bike…

Backstory – I used to be massively into mountain biking, riding a Cannondale Jekyll. It was fun, do everything, hard hitting bike that I used to its limits. It was loved, but got fairly beaten up and so it got stripped and sold. It never really got replaced, and after about 5 years away I am back in the market for a new steed!

I’ve set a ‘total’ budget of £2k – which needs to include bike, and some new accessories etc. So realistically, I am looking to spend £1,800 on the bike.
My requirement is for a fun do-it-all bike that ultimately is for bike parks but could be used for a long day in the saddle over the downs…
I’ve so far whittled it down to a few options:
- On One Codeine GX1 spec - £1,799.99 (could be a bit heavy?)
- Bird Aeris - £1,800 ish in a 2x10 spec + a reverb (About as available as rocking horse s*^$)
- Canyon Spectral AL6 - £1,899 (Or the AL5 to save £300 to downgrade to Deore @ £1,599)
- Canyon Torque-Ex Gapstar - £1,649 (could again be a bit heavy?)
LINKS: ... ntain-bike ... l-6-0.html ... pstar.html

What do you think?
Anyone ride one of these?
I’d really welcome any other suggested bikes.



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