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Enigma Excel

964cup964cup Posts: 1,362
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Frame: Enigma Excel 6Al4V Ti, 57cm
Fork: Enigma Electron carbon
Headset: Enigma (Cane Creek)
Stem: Ritchey Superlogic C260, 110mm
Bars: Ritchey Superlogic, 42cm
Bar tape: Lizardskins DSP 2.5mm
Seatclamp: Thomson
Seatpost: Ritchey Superlogic 27.2 with sleeve for 31.6mm seat tube
Saddle: Brooks Cambrium C15 Carved
Shifters: Campagnolo Super Record 2015
Brakes: Campagnolo Super Record 2015
FD: Campagnolo Super Record 2015
RD: Campagnolo Super Record 2015
Chainset: Campagnolo Super Record Ti 2013, 50/34
BB: Campagnolo Super Record Ultra Torque
Chain: Campagnolo Record
Cassette: Campagnolo Super Record 12-27
Cables: Campagnolo apart from RD tail and rear section of rear brake, which are Nokon
Wheels: Mavic R-Sys SLR tubular
Tyres: Vittoria Pave 24c Team Prototype tubular
Pedals: Speedplay, J&L Ti spindles, J&L Ti butterflies
Cages: Arundel Mandible
Other: BBB expander, BBB carbon spacers, Planet-X top cap (polished by hand), K-Edge Garmin mount, Garmin GSC-10

7.33Kg with pedals. Could probably get it below 7kg by changing the fork and saddle, and using Nokon throughout. Went with the 2013 chainset because I hate the look of the four-arm Campag spiders.

I also run this bike with a set of dynamo wheels & lights, some Raceblade Longs and a Tubus rack attached with P-Clips. The extra steerer lets me bring the bars up a little; I use it for some of my commuting and for Audax in that mode. It weighs a little under 10kg set up like that.


  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 4,398
  • 'tis lovely!
  • term1teterm1te Posts: 1,462
    NIce. Is that one with the tapered forks/headset? What is it like to ride?
  • 964cup964cup Posts: 1,362
    No, straight 1 1/8" fork. I think the current frame is indeed tapered. Very smooth ride - exactly as you'd expect from Ti - no road buzz, good absorption of small hits. Perfectly stiff enough for me. Fabulous companion for long rides - did a hilly 200k a week ago Sunday and felt surprisingly fresh afterwards. Still fast enough for the cut and thrust on peppier club rides, too. It's become my go-to bike, rather by surprise since I only built it on a whim. I imagine I will go back to carbon once we're back in short sleeves, but it's certainly made winter riding much more appealing.
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