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fulcrum racing 5 tyre clearance

tim000tim000 Posts: 718
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just bought a pair of these and it recommends using 25mm tyres. I don't have much tyre clearance on my current wheels with 23mm tyres . do the wider rims on the fulcrums mean there is a wider tyre and so reduces the depth of the tyre and therefore the clearance needed. don't want to splash out on new tyres if they wont fit.


  • animal72animal72 Posts: 251
    I ran 23s (Vitoria Rubino Pro) on my 5's and they were fine. My new Conti GP4000s ride much nicer though...
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  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,212
    Why not fit one of your existing 23mm tyres to the Fulcrum rim, you can then measure the tyre profile and fork/frame clearances. You can use 23mm tyres on those rims if you don't have sufficient clearances for 25mm tyres, however the recommendation with many of the wider, (17mm I.D./23/24/25mm E.D.) wheel rims seems to be to use 25mm tyres minimum. ... _2803.html
  • tim000tim000 Posts: 718
    thank , will try the 23s and see how much room there is for 25s.
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