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Swissman bike choice

RobyouthRobyouth Posts: 19
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Hi, I have a dilemma, I took part in the Swissman extreme triathlon last year and finished. I managed to get a place this year and I'm using my experience from last year, trouble is, I have 2 bikes, Planet X N2A and a specialized Tarmac S works ( I bought the frame and built it to a reasonable spec) I've just got the Planet X out to start serious training and found its much harder and un comfortable than I remember, my Tarmac is lovely. My times are quicker on the Planet X but that's probably the 500 grams and American classic wheels I run. Question is do I put the classics on my specialized and swap a few other lighter bits and use the specialized for the race. Thing I am aware of the Gothard pass is cobbled and it's murder on the X


  • HerzogHerzog Posts: 197
    Robyouth wrote:
    Thing I am aware of the Gothard pass is cobbled and it's murder on the X

    ...and it's long. The cobbled sections are horrible on a well fitting, comfortable bike, let alone on one which is uncomfortable.

    Also, you've 180km to do on the ride part, that's a long time to feel like censored for ;-)
  • robbo2011robbo2011 Posts: 1,017
    Good luck!

    it's bad enough cycling up the Kleine Scheidegg, I'd hate to have to run up it.

    The cobbled sections are no fun whatever bike you choose. But one small tip is to try and ride at the side of the road as much as possible as there is a narrow strip of concrete on quite a few sections and you can avoid the cobbles. Makes it a bit easier.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    I've done a couple of IM on my N2a. Not done your pass but the N2a will take 25mm tyres and that's what I would do.
  • RobyouthRobyouth Posts: 19
    Thanks for the replies,I'm leaning towards the specialized, I'm fractionally slower on that bike, but I'm using an old pair of specialized RS20 wheels, once on the aero Amecican classics, I think I'll be just as fast. I'm off to Mallorca to train soon, that will be on the N2A, so I could of bedded my backside to that, by the time I return, but Mallorca roads are not cobbled. I'm going to go to 26mm specialized s works tyres, currently running 24mms and very happy.
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