Mixing Ultegra and XT

yaya Posts: 411
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Been looking for ways to make this season's climbs a bit more manageable...
First option is to loose 5kg and gain some leg muscle, but as I'm not sure this is going to happen, I've been thinking along these lines:

- change the cassette from 6700 11-28 to XT 11-32
- change the rear mech to a GS one to take up the larger cogs
- Ultegra and XT 10s chains look the same...I actually believe they ARE the same
The cassettes however seem to have different teeth profiles with the XT having a sharper front edge, which I guess is designed to help with downshifting under power.............
And I'm also not sure if the overall width of the cassettes is exactly the same. I only have a 9s cassette on my MTB so cannot compare...
Another option is to buy an Ultegra 12-30, so a bit lower than 28, and swap the smaller cog/s to keep the 11T one - that way whatever is left can serve for spares or for the trainer.

I can of course just buy the XT and try it and sell it if it doesn't work, or stay with what I have (need a new chain anyway) and work on the weight thing...

What do you think?