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Crank Sram compatible Campagnolo

BodyBody Posts: 32
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I would like to know if Campi shifters will work with a Compact crank Sram Red.? ( since some days i got confused because of my burnout)

When I want to update my croup to Sram what will be the following in the future?
1. Shifters?
2. Front deraileur
Shifters + FD + RD?


  • amrushtonamrushton Posts: 832
    Yes because all the lever is doing is moving the chain from one chainring to another. You just need to set the derailleur screws to stop the chain falling off. But the lever doesn't know what make of chainset is on there
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,854
    Yes they work very well I'm running three sets of sram BB and cranks on both shimano and campagnolo bikes mostly because I like the sram cranks less so the BB

    I've had zero issues
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  • BodyBody Posts: 32
    I have installed the Sram red crank 11 sp incombi with Campy 11 speed and it works indeed. Everything is Campy 11 speed and the crank is Sram Red.

    Only I have one problem and that is the Front Derailleur.

    The manual says the front Derailleur has to give 3 clicks to come on the biggest ring. I have tried everything but it gives 4 clicks. Also when I tight the cable with the cable adjuster. Everything is proper installed, like cable and derailleur.

    On my other bike with 11 speed I can shift 3 clicks but thats with a Campy crank.

    I am wondering if you have the same with Sram/Campy
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