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Saw this (quite beautiful) thing today at the town market. :)
Full story and more pictures on my blog - click here - but it got me wondering what it was like to ride one. Obviously I couldn't have a go, neither would I honestly want to, but has anyone else ever tried it?


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    Neve ridden one but here's a picture of my mate Richard who races them. This is him completing the Monsal HC. Epic.
    eta - he did it in 3:24 if anyone is interested.
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    Should have known someone would make them into a race. :) Wonder if "HMT Hospitals" gets any business out of it. :)
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    I've ridden a little one - obviously a lot less intimidating than a full size example! It was slightly odd as each pedal stroke pushes the wheel so the bike waddles a bit until you get used to it - probably much less of an issue with a big one though. I think it would be not too hard to get comfortable with if you are used to riding fixed.
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    It's terrifying how tall they are... front catapult is very common too, so the first step is to learn how to fall on your feet. You learn to ride them in steps and it takes time and bravery.

    There are loads of replicas, some utter crap you can buy for a couple of hundred quid, others well made that cost close to a grand, but ultimately you want the real deal, once you know how to ride one. I suggest you get a cheap replica to thrash while you learn... if you bend a rim (which is very common, just ask our friend mroli on this forum) it's not easy to find a spare
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