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First time poster, my bikes

Mr.MouseMr.Mouse Posts: 68
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Hi there

long time lurker, first time poster ( there's one you haven't heard before ), thought the best introduction would be to show my rides...

This is my latest build, i put Ultegra Di2 on but didn't like the colour of the chainset against the frame so made a vanity purchase and upgraded the chainset to DA, otherwise, just the Reynolds Assault wheels and Zipp SC bars and stem have been added. not a lot of outdoor use yet ( finished the build in february this year ), but think its time to take it off the trainer soon. pictures are rubbish, sorry.


My everyday ride, really liked the frameset so totally rebuilt it. Full mechanical DA, Deda superleggera seat post, stem and bars, and Cero AR30 wheels ( really like them ).. Couldn't justify the extra cost for the Infinito CV frame, don't need it, this is good enough for me... done a few thousand Km and not a thing to moan about, love it.


Built this 'for my wife to do triathlons', but 'luckily' it fits me fine too. use it pretty regularly, and built up cheaply using 5800 components, 3t bits and an FSA K-lite chainset. Wheels are from a wheel-builder based in Cardiff called 'Puravelo', really good quality product and service. ( yes, thats a super long stem, but to get it to fit me, had to do it )


Finally, my Missus proper bike. basically stock but i changed out the appalling wheels for some Shimano RS81's, and the brakes to 105's... she seems to like it.


So, that;s me, so far... hope to contribute to the forum!



  • look565wonglook565wong Posts: 301
    Nice one James, welcome along!

    Thats a fine collection of bikes you have there!

    It must be hard work keeping clean/maintaining all the bikes yourself, I assume your mrs leave all that work for you to do? :-)

    Anyway, looking forward to more of your post. I think those Bianchi's deserves some better pictures taken outdoors :-)

  • Mr.MouseMr.Mouse Posts: 68
    no, cleaning is all up to me, and i have to clean her bike too. luckily she doesn't use it very much.. the Oltre is yet to get proper dirty though.

    Thanks for the comments though, appreciated!!
  • alex222alex222 Posts: 598
    You really need to sort out your lighting.
    Nice selection of bikes though.
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    Alex222 wrote:
    You really need to sort out your lighting.
    Nice selection of bikes though.

    Yeah - don't shoot towards light coming through a window. Leads to your bikes being underexposed. Maybe a few outdoor pics would be better.

    Nice selection of bikes BTW.

    Never heard of Pura Velo for handbuilt wheels. Just had a look at their website and they look to have a good range of options at reasonably competitive prices. What's your opinion of them?
  • Mr.MouseMr.Mouse Posts: 68
    yeah, sorry, i know photos were poor, my bad. maybe i should be riding them, not taking pictures of them!

    Obviously i can only give a personal view with regards to the wheel-builder, but i have found them to be reliable and fairly priced. i would happily buy from them again. not had any complaints with the ones i have.
  • Mr.MouseMr.Mouse Posts: 68
    thanks for the compliments as well both! :)
  • jlhopwojlhopwo Posts: 27
    nice stable!
  • kawaspressokawaspresso Posts: 106
    Bianchi is my dream brand ! Nice fleet :!:
  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 11,178
    Oltre is lovely but have to say it would look better with fewer spacers under the stem (although appreciate that might just be how it fits for you)
  • Mr.MouseMr.Mouse Posts: 68
    thanks for the positives guys!

    yes, the stack is a bit high, its my first proper race bike and at the moment, feels right having the spacers. believe me, intention is to slam it when my back is supple enough and can handle the position over a couple of hours or so. its set up as an easy ride at the moment, and TBH been using in most on the trainer, with which i appreciate the less-racier cockpit. but agree, fully slammed it would look better, and also with some deeper rims than the Reynolds, but my wife would castrate me if went there.
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