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Best of both world in a shoe.

Liquizen242Liquizen242 Posts: 3
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Hi everyone,
I am venturing back into mountain biking after a long absence and this old (ish) boy needs a bit of help.
The old debate as to go for clipless or flat pedals seems a big one and being unsure I have decided to try both out. Have bought a set of Superstar nano X pedals and some m530 clipless.

Burning question is are there any decent dual purpose shoes that can do both types of pedals and if so, what are decent ones.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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    Yes and no. As you need to mod the shoes to use the clips and they will never be the same for flat use.

    Are you a sit down and spin rider of a get up and hang it out rider?

    Depending on how you ride you may find you are more suited to one style than the other.
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  • I think as a numpty inexperienced newbie to MTB, I'm glad I bought the AM45 shoes. They look a bit daft but work well and there's nothing like the confidence in being able to put your feet down in a hurry. Save the clips till you're experienced and confident and capable.
  • LiquizenLiquizen Posts: 1
    Thanks for the replies.
    I have just purchased some superstar nano X pedals as the 'new' bike I bought doesnt come with any pedals. That is something that has changed since I was last into mountain biking, buying an incomplete bike. :-(

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    Because most people change to their favourites anyway.
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