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Used Rigid fork Hybrid. Light and Cheap

nanakiosnanakios Posts: 4
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Last year I purchased a used Raleigh Detour. I was on a budget so I think I got a decent bike for £100. Although it is a hybrid bike, it feels like it weights a ton when riding it and a ton and half when carrying it up three flight of stairs.

I thought of changing a few things on the bike but the problem lies on the frame.

I was looking for a new bike but I couldn't find something appealing enough to justify the pricetag (they have a lot unnecessary extras). Plus all high range bikes have disk brakes which I hate. Building a bike from just a frame seemed ideal until I actually saw the cost.

So now I am actually looking for a used bike with a nice light frame that could give me the liberty to build around it.
I found a few Giant escapes selling under £200. Is it a good choice, and what other options do I have

This is what i am going for.
*Light frame
*7 or 8/1 gear arrangement or Hub gear in the future
*V brakes
*Strong light rims to withstand the Glawsgow potholes


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