My bike(s)

bullseyeant Posts: 4
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Been riding a Planet X Exocet set up as a road bike for a while...... great light bike........ Yes its got no pedals on here.


Then went to look at a Pinarello Dogma and couldn't resist........... so here's my latest.....


Still got the foam on the top tube in that pic, oh and the stems been slammed now too!




  • KevinA
    KevinA Posts: 492
    Love the dogma

    How much did that bad boy set you back
  • Paid £6,200 for it with the Corima's
  • Garry H
    Garry H Posts: 6,639
    Love the 1980s style, top tube padding on the Dogma.

    How tall are you?
  • Haha the foams not there anymore. I'm roughly 6"1 and had a bike fit in the shop to see what frame I'd need and I've gone with a 55cm