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Carerra Detonate 24 Build

jordang21jordang21 Posts: 9
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Well my lads too big for his current bike, so a quick trip to the lbs showed he was perfect for a 24", problem is there isnt really anything around that we wanted for what I wanted to pay! So I had a little nosey around tinternet and came across various home builds on 24" bikes. My original plan was to buy an Orbea and stick a fork and discs on it but this was too expensive; as there are no used bikes to start with it'd have to be built from new, so I looked on... Genesis core 24 is a good looking bike but for 450 I was confident i could build something with suspension and better spec for less!

There were a few projects that I liked the look of but i settled on a Carerra Detonate 24". More I think as a challenge to myself, but my lad likes the look of it (and more importantly the colours), plus once he has a bit of confidence on it he can come riding some of the reds and blacks I do with a bit of plushness!!!

So thats where my journey begins!!! Budget is to keep it under 400 but if i can get it done for 320 - same price as the Orbea Team I'll be very happy and weight wise Im looking at 12kg ish - same as the Genesis

I've just purchased a good looking detonate for the very reasoanble sum of £65 and will collect it at some point this week. Once its arrived I'll stick some pics up, strip it and weigh some of the bits I'll be replacing to show the weight loss.

I'm more excited than my lad!!!!


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,188
    Have a look in family and kids section a fair few builds gone on over the last year or so and a couple of still on going. We all had the same issue and we all seem to have got around it in different ways.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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