Dislocated shoulder, broken arm and nerve damage.

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Hi All, Just wanted to here any experiences if you've dislocated your arm and how long / painful a journey it was back to riding again and any hints tips and pitfalls to look out for on this journey. Also how to protect it when I am back on.

Fell of 8 weeks ago and hugged a tree dislocating the arm, pulling the bone attached to the muscle off the upper arm bone and also effecting the nerves as patch of upper arm is still completely numb and now has exzema/or similar. Was approx 10 hours in dislocation before being put under to pop it back in.

I spent 7 weeks in a sling with as little movement as possible whilst the break heeled. Had first physio this week with and with instructions for as much per day and I can do. No lifting at all and no riding. only limited movement with arm due to possibly frozen shoulder and possible nerve damage as well.

Just started going back to the gym (as could not drive there before) with no upper body works allowed.

All the posts I have seen seem to have most people back on the bike in some way by now but I cant see me back on it for another 4-8 weeks and that's just a pootle along the canal.

Any help, pointers, scare stories greatly appreciated in advance.


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    I had a lesser shoulder injury, just do the exercises properly as advised and don't rush it.
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    Follow the advice of the medical team and dont rush it, 8 weeks is nothing.

    I completely avulsed my left brachial plexus nerves from the spinal cord (amongst other things) in 2001 following a motorcycle accident, net result is a completely paralyzed arm and pretty much constant pain.

    Hope your sorted soon.
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    Partial avulsion of right brachial plexus for me 30 years ago with permanent loss of extensors in upper and lower arm and hand, complete loss of deltoids et al., with chronic associated pain. For the last 20 years I've had intractable overuse problems in the other arm with joint instability, tendonitis and muscle atrophy. Neither problem has stopped me from riding my bike, but horrendous ME/CFS for the last three years has succeeded in putting a stop to all my sporting activities.

    Hopefully you'll make a good recovery. If nerves are going to grow back at all they can take 18 months or more to do so.
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    Dislocated My shoulder and tore tendons about 3 years ago, ended up needing surgery to the rotator cuff. I'm afraid it was the best part of a year before I rode again, Good news it now all is as if it never happened.
    BUT I was in my late 50s at the time so I'm sure that slows the healing process.
    My regret was that I didn't buy a turbo trainer or exercise bike to keep up some level of fitness.
    Best of luck for a quick recovery.
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    Hi Ricstar,

    I just came across this post as I currently have the same injury as you and look to be at the same stage as you were when you posted this. It would be good to know how your recover was and how your shoulder is now.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Shit! There is always someone worse, no matter how bad your injury! :(

    I would go see a physio as soon as the specialist that fixed your arm says you can. The NHS are great but are short on physios, so expect to wait at least six weeks. If you can afford it, go privately and get a head start on the healing.

    Depending upon where you live, the first appointment should be about £40-50 for a full diagnostic and the start of treatment (about one hour) the subsequent ones for further treatment will be £30-40 for 40-45 mins. You should be give some exercises to do between sessions that will promote recovery, do them!

    Best of luck! :)