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MTB nearing a year old - next steps/advice

bigmeanbunnybigmeanbunny Posts: 39
edited March 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all

I got myself and my missus very basic bikes last summer (a 27.5 Carrera Vulcan and the entry level decathlon with V brakes)

Best thing I have done if I am honest and annoyed for taking so long to actually do it! they are reaching a year on though and wondering what I should check or keep an eye on now we are back out on them. I was using maintenance spray on them throughout the winter, tyres seem okay (from what I can see). Mainly used for trails/sherwood pines or routes around Sheffield, some offroad but we coast along and you will never see us with a gopro on so they get used but not hammered!

What might a total novice like me miss or should I check for, never had a puncture but should I consider changing the inner tubes anyway?


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