Numpty chainring question

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Is there a right / wrong way round to fit them? Recently stripped bike for a deep clean and ever since I put the crank back together the up shifting has been pants. To my un-tutored eye both sides of the chain rings look the same but are the teeth different on one side to assist with gear changing? They're Stronglight rings and currently the word 'Stronglight' is facing outwards, can't remember if it was before... :oops:


  • nicklouse
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    Yes there is a correct way.

    There is normally a marker of some type showing the crank arm position.

    Pictures of the rings would be good to advise what the mark/feature is.
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    Ah right... there is a small hole drilled through, does that need to be behind the crank arm? Plus I realise now that the two sides are different, one side slopes towards the teeth & the other side has an edge/lip; if that makes sense..? I did have the slopey side facing in...
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    Any marker will be to go behind the crank arm.

    Any lifting ramps or pins will be on the smaller chainwheel side of the chainwheel.
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    Swopped it round and shifting much better... funnily enough... thanks both.