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Regents Park CS11 consultation

iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
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I don't ride there but I know many of you use this for training laps.

At a glance it seems OK but the raised crossings might warrant some feedback.

Consultation closed on 20 March.


  • dondaredondare Posts: 2,113
    If you're in London and have nothing else to do this evening then why not come by Regent Park?
    This post contains traces of nuts.
  • HindmostHindmost Posts: 57
    Final week to have your say in the consultation.

    A link to RPC guideline responses:- ... tion-form/

    An update from Regent's Park Cyclists...
    Hi all,

    As many of you already know, the consultation is scheduled to finish
    this week.

    We are at a critical stage of the whole CS11 / No speed hump campaign.
    As you will know RPC managed to reduce the original plan to put 14 speed humps down to 4, which along with gate closures
    North and South (open only from 11-3) puts recreational / sports /
    disabled cyclists in a better position than when we started. But that
    position is not secure yet.
    Platform designs
    More recently, holding back our Pro CS11 votes pushed Andrew Gilligan / TFL to force TRP to provide more clarity on
    the “heritage friendly” materials they are able to use for these
    platforms. They agreed no cobbles or rough surfaces! It has been a
    massive battle.
    We now need to win CS11
    There was an un-veiled threat that without CS11, TRP may very well revert back to other designs, which
    will most likely be against our longer-term interest.
    What we need from you
    In simple terms, we need the CS11 Consultation to succeed and go ahead, but we are up against it –
    because a STOP CS11 group have been working hard to gain votes against
    the plans.
    How can you help?
    Each of us needs to complete the consultation and gather as many additional responses as we can.
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