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Training for monster miles events

kenyanscottkenyanscott Posts: 26
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Hi Everyone,

Ive decided to give myself some motivation this year, and Ive entered into the Gallowway gallop and I will also be entering the Lakeland Monster miles events later on in the year. (mini massif on both events not the full massif) its approx 43/44 miles for each event


I'm not sure what kind of training I should be doing and how often, I want to make sure I give myself the best possible chance of completing - im not fussed about coming first or fastest time, Im just want to complete and enjoy the event.

Ill take any information advise on board to help me with this.

I know im not out cycling enough at the moment since Im only out 1/2 per week and I will need to increase that, normally only one of those is off road, (late nights, work commitments and family commitment make it harder to get off road)

and I do 1 road cycle per week

that gives and idea of what Im currently at, and I now this is not where I need to be to do this successfully


  • Hi,
    Well done on committing to such a ride. How far are you able to ride now? quick and short, longish (25 miles plus), or long 35 miles plus?

    If you can do 20 miles, you have a good starting point, and can easily increase the mileage over a couple of weeks. The issue, I suspect will be the hills. Can you commute to work - might help with time constraints, although you do have to be organised and commited to getting up slightly earlier.

    This will be the hard part - getting sufficient strength to hit the hills. If your starting point is that you can ride between 15 and 20 miles, I would think you will need 6weeks regularly riding should have you ready for your ride.. There is a huge amount of info on the t'internet.

    Simply type in sportive training and you will get lots of stuff. Lots of advice and help is available Something I struggle with is the rest days - I love cycling so it never occurs to me to have a 'rest' but it appears that resting does help, so remember to have at least 2 rest days each week.

    Ive only just started 'training' (having fun on a bike), and have been shocked how few weekends I have for my own ride. I have written in all my planned rides on my calendar and its horrifying how time flies. I am about to start hill busting (this week). Just riding up and down the steepest hill I can find (not looking forward to that!).

    Ultimately, the only way you will make a start is to get on the bike - I get up at 5.30 and get at least 20 mins in on the bike - I also try to get another 30 mins in before tea. Its probably not enough, but its better than nothing. I fit in the decent rides at the weekend. I also started commuting last week, so thats 12 miles a day a couple of times a week.

    Good luck - have a great ride!
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