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Advice on which bike for big lad

lux666lux666 Posts: 18
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Hi, im looking for new bike and need your advice. I and need strong bike for hills, bad roads, pathways, wet weather etc. I realy love to ride decathlon fit 5 (not good for bad roads). Boardman hybrid comp (borrowed for weekend) was nice, b. cx comp as well. Im tall and heavy (over 100kg). Commuting for 10-30 miles and want to try bit more. I dont want to spend more than 600. I dont know difference between shimano vs sram... dont know if cx would be better for cycling over 30 miles etc.
Ive been loking at:
Jamis Allegro Elite 2016 Hybrid Bike£618.00 ... e-EV245094
Planet X London Road SRAM Apex Flat Bar Bike £649 ... t-bar-bike
Jamis Coda Elite 2016 Hybrid Bike £600.00 ... e-EV245101
Let me know what do you think, any advice or feedback would be appreciated!
Many thanks


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,758
    Any decent quality bike will survive your usage (go on YouTube and watch Martyn Ashton's road bike party for some education on what a road bike can survive), 100kg isn't that heavy, I'm only 10kg off that. For that distance the single hand position on a hybrid can become an issue, although I've done several 100mile plus rides on Hybrids but having two easy choices of top or hoods on drops is nice, that said while out of fashion, narrow bars with bar ends can work well, a lot of people I ride with in India use MTB's and Hybrids due to the state of the roads and bar ends are more the rule than the exception.

    Of those I would jump on the PX London Road, it's tough, versatile, well specced and looks great, but I'd get one on drops, however that eBay Forme is great value for a Tiagra 10-speed and BB5's are great cable brakes (probably the best).

    Your regular commute will affect your choice, mine includes some rough roads that are brutal on a skinny road tyre (25mm) to the point where you slow down to ease the pounding, going up to a 32 or 35mm makes a huge difference without affecting aero drag much and rolling resistance on rough roads goes down.
  • lux666lux666 Posts: 18
    Thanks for you advice. Im looking at used Boardman hybrid pro (shimano 105) plus bar end and gatorskin 32 tyres- would it be better than px london? thx
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,758
    Not better, different perhaps!

    The Boardman is a bit heavier than the LR I think (frame is a bit heavier, brakes a bit lighter, wheels are certainly heavier) although not by much, but the mods (32mm tyres and bar ends) would certainly be on my list for your stated usage.

    Gatorskins are not universally loved though, the primary complaint is that they aren't great in the wet, however on 32's you'll have more rubber on the road and can drop the pressures a bit so they may work just fine for you. Replacement tyres don't cost much though, Vittoria Randonneur are a good option.
  • lux666lux666 Posts: 18
    Which tyres would you recommend? I have to Barnsley shop this weekend to check LR. Thanks for your advice
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,758
  • The 13 Implicit Beta is not a bad spec for £550 currently, it is a fraction heavier than the London Roads, but comes with hydraulic brakes.
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  • lux666 wrote:
    Thanks for you advice. Im looking at used Boardman hybrid pro (shimano 105) plus bar end and gatorskin 32 tyres- would it be better than px london? thx

    One thing to note - I have a Boardman Hybrid Team in the biggest size (54cm), which is the same max size as the Pro, and at 6'3" I find it a little on the small size, although not so bad now I've fitted a 120mm stem to it. I don't want to sell it on, but having used a 58cm hybrid on holiday which felt comfier, I may have to.
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  • lux666lux666 Posts: 18
    many thanks for your help guys!!!
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