party Saturday

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Youngest rug rats birthday party today so lots of screaming kids will be the theme

Later pub to counter the run this morning


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    Afternoon Losers!

    Well so far today, I've had a nice lie in, been in to Bury to get my Mothering Sunday card and present, collected a prescription, had a chicken sandwich and got home again.

    This afternoon, I'm off to Bury to watch them play Bradford. Let's hope we win! This evening, I'm off to walk a dog with the dogs owner.

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    Evening all,
    A fairly uneventful day of mostly supervising teenagers. What an exciting life I lead.
  • Stevo_666
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    Quiet innit.

    Large amounts of jobs done, plus some Waitrose Saturday girl appreciating and a visit to a mate to talk bikes n bollox. A well earned Thai take away is on the cards shortly :)
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