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BlueTaylorBlueTaylor Posts: 43
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I am currently on a Viking road bike and have used for the past couple of months. It's not an ideal bike and very heavy and clunky. I am looking at upgrading as I am getting more Milanese in my legs and wanting to go further but feel this Viking is holding me back. I have a budget of around £300-400 I may be able to squeeze a few more quid out. Just wondering if anything you guys can suggest? I've seen a Merlin Performance PR7 Road Bike ever heard of this?


  • igaiga Posts: 155
    The Merlin got an excellent review on and will probably be a step up from your Viking but it's still an entry level bike. There's nothing wrong with that but as you've only been cycling a couple of months I'd be tempted to save some more and make a bigger step up later in the year but I'm more interested in you getting more Milanese in your legs!
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  • ayjayceeayjaycee Posts: 1,277
    What Iga said about buying the bike but you might be able to grab a bargain on the used market (although, was I you, I would still be trying to find a few more quid for the purchase). I thought that one could only get more Milanese by going to Milan!
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  • 852Kompol852Kompol Posts: 67 ... LOTON-2015
    Might be a tad over but nothing too fancy, but if I were you I would be saving up a bit more to look for better deals either second hand or some of the higher end aluminium frames...and if you are asking what sort of bike I would be saving up for in your place, here's a rough idea. ... EFY-0-2015
  • Thanks for the reply guys mileanse is meant to be mileage ha autocorret changed and I hadn't noticed. The gaint defy is probably going to be out my price range for another year probably but the cube 1 looks lovely. What are the carrera like?
  • markhewitt1978markhewitt1978 Posts: 7,614
    I'd avoid the Carrera, another cheap make. As others have said you've only been riding a couple of months, so keep riding. It's not like you don't have a bike at the moment. If you could double your budget in time you'd get something good rather than another entry level bike.
  • Ste_SSte_S Posts: 1,173
    What's the frame on your Viking made from ? If cro-mo or hi-tensile steel than an Aluminuim framed bike with a carbon fork will be a nice upgrade

    The B'TWIN Triban comes in at your price range, although I'd probably opt for something second hand.
  • VslowpaceVslowpace Posts: 189
    If I was buying my first road bike I'd pop to a shop, have a few test rides, talk to someone that knows what they're on about rather than saving a few quid.

    The last thing you want to do is be stuck with something that's not quite right.
  • cogden2cogden2 Posts: 14
    The Cube is cheaper on chain reaction £369.99 ... prod127980
  • foreheadforehead Posts: 180
    My first road bike was a Cube Peloton (save for a few moths on a steel Peugeot) and it was brilliant, served me well (still does on the turbo) for three years before buying a C'Dale. I upgraded the wheels on the Peloton after a while (kept snapping spokes on the stock Easton wheels. Brilliant bike.
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