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Mudguards / Fenders for CAADX 105

Avenger197396Avenger197396 Posts: 72
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Simple question you'd think - what are the best mudguards / fenders for a 2015 Cannondale CAADX 105?

I've done hours of research and can't seem to find a definitive answer. I'm genuinely getting frustrated now. The Evans website has a number of different answers from staff members, some actually contradictory and I'm loath to spend money, bend and cut metal and plastic to find that they are not compatible. I don't mind a degree of bodging and improvising, that's part of the fun but I don't want to waste money. There are no eyelets on the front forks albeit there is a threaded hole on the inside which may be for a pannier rack but I'm not convinced. The Cannondale website (which seems to be written and designed ten years ago) states the bike is mudguard compatible but doesn't give any helpful suggestions.

I know I should just pop into my LBS and throw myself at their mercy but I'm hugely busy at work at the moment and can't seem to find the time.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


  • the_roverthe_rover Posts: 402
    I've got a CAADX in tiagra, the LBS fitted some guards to it as part of the deal so I don't know the make but if you give me a day or so I'll find out. I'm meant to be calling in on sat morning. They are rattle free and provide plenty of coverage.
  • the_roverthe_rover Posts: 402
    Not the best pic.
  • Thanks Rover.

    Using my great powers of deduction looking at the photo the guards look like SKS Chromoplastic attached to the inside of the fork by the threaded eyelet. I'll stand by for confirmation from anyone else.

    When I'm made president it will be law that each model of bike has to have an attached list of approved accessories. 8)

    PS Whilst I have a downer on the Cannondale website I love the CAADX itself. Highly recommended.

    Thanks for the help.
  • the_roverthe_rover Posts: 402
    mine are these, look at the link for different sizes and I've replaced the reflector for a similar sized flasher from PDW that lined up using the same holes.
    They might not be sks but I'd 100% recommend them. The roads on parts of my commute are riddled with pot holes and they are silent.
    Cheers. ... 5&pg=12337
  • Many thanks, very grateful, I'll take a look.
  • fwgxfwgx Posts: 114
    The Rover wrote:
    Not the best pic.
    What rack is that and how did you manage to attach the guards and panniers?
    I have a set of Botranger guards on my CAADX and want to also add panniers.
    Could you provide a close up photo of the fittings?
  • the_roverthe_rover Posts: 402
    Not sure what they rack is as the lbs fitted it when I bought the bike. I'll do my best with some pics over the weekend.
  • iron-cloveriron-clover Posts: 737
    I have a very similar setup- here's mine minus the rack:

    The guards are SKS Blumenthals- they happened to be in the shop when I bought it so the staff could do the faffing of bending the stays around the rear disks and the front end. Once done they are fairly easy to take on and off though.

    I've got a Tortec Transalp pannier rack for mine- it's a little awkward to fit at first as you have to pull the legs apart a fair way but once on its rock solid, like most tortec stuff.

  • R10R10 Posts: 2
    The guards are SKS Blumenthals - they happened to be in the shop when I bought it so the staff could do the faffing of bending the stays around the rear disks and the front end. Once done they are fairly easy to take on and off though.
    How did you / your LBS fixed the front mudguard support on the disc side? Pls attach some pictures of the discs' side.
    I do have SKS Velo 65 Mountain 29'' (rear only) on one hybrid bike (Gary Fisher Kaitai 28x2.00 Schwalbe Marathon Supreme) and I'm considering pair of SKS Bluemmels 65mm for the second bike (GF with Schwalbe Marathon Winter stud tyres), but I've no idea how to fix the front mudguard support / rear mudguard disc side support.
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    R10 wrote:
    but I've no idea how to fix the ................. rear mudguard disc side support.
    This is how I fitted my CAADX rear disc-side stay, a piece of stainless pipe/tube around 10-15mm long and a longer bolt

    And the same on the other side to keep the whole thing central

  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,432
    I can also recommend these Tortec guards, after someone else on here did the same:

    Tredz quite often have a pop up code if you put your e-mail address in for £5 off if you spend over £30, so pop something else on there to make it up, and get the guards for £20.

    Fitting was tougher than the SKS guards, the curve seems shallower than the wheel, but the result is that it is rattle free and very 'taut' if that makes sense.

    Only bit I did not like was the bridge to hold the rear one in place was plastic, but luckily I had a metal SKS one in the parts bin so utilised that.

    Not sure if they will faultlessly fit a CAADX, but they fitted my gf's Fuji with hydraulic 105's with no issue, just the mildest of bends on one of the 8 metal poles as all that was required.
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