Stan's alpha 400 and 340 rims

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Hi, need a few opinions on alpha 400 and 340 rims. I've been looking to buy a stiff lightweight set of wheels for some mountain /hilly sportive Inc m. Ventoux, tour of Wessex . I do quite a few sportives throughout the year, as fast as I can generally. I'm not a spinner, more of a grinder. 72 kg. Superstar components have a 25% discount on custom made wheels. I was looking at the ryde sprint rim, icon hub with 20 front and 24 rear CX ray spokes, for weight of 1380 grms. However, they have no sprint rims left, which leaves me with alpha 400 (will finish up about 1360 grms) or alpha 340 rims ( finish up about 1290/1300 grms). Will the 340's be stiff enough with CX rays or should I go with 400's with CX rays. 20/24 hole rims.
Opinions please


  • Frank pole
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    I had the 340s - definitely not stiff! 100 miles and got rid of them.
  • term1te
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    I built up a set with 340s, and am very pleased with the final product. That said, it took a while until I was happy with them. I'm running tubeless tyres, and when they were mounted and inflated the spoke tension drops. I re-tensioned them with the tyre in place, and its been fine since. I went for 20 spokes on the front but 28 on the rear to make them a bit stiffer. I'm about 65kg and use them a lot in the hills, and have never found them to be noticeably flexi. The stickers have since come off

  • RobinB2
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    I've got some of the 340s and wouldn't say thery're particulalry flexy

    However don't buy them expecting to run normal tubed clincher tyres - they only really work with tubeless tyres (tubed tyres pop off the rims)

    I think Stans now only recommend they be used with tubed clinchers up to 90 psi but I've had tubed tyres pop off at around this pressure
  • woodeneye
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    Thanks everyone. Think I will go with alpha 400's.