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Fuji Tread vs Cross: what's the difference?

febbrefebbre Posts: 2
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I'm on the verge of buying one of these. I'm a newbie, I wanted a versatile bike which I would use above all for commuting and for some trips.. at some point. I loved the tread 1.3, which at evans now is 850£. I tried also the Cross 1.5, which, even though has a Shimano 105 groupset costs 809£ (on sale). The Tread has a new Tiagra.

They should have the same frame... but maybe psichologically, since I liked more the Tread, that felt more comfortable. But if it is true that these bikes have the same frame... what makes the Tread an Adventure Road and the Cross a Cyclocross?

Here they are:
Tread ... k_desc_tab

Cross ... k_desc_tab

Furthermore I was considering to try a NORCO Search Alloy 2016... ... e-EV243535

but I think I already chose to go for the Tread. I'm a bit hesitant since, again, I'm a newbie and I don't know if I'm getting just ripped off or what else.



  • Chris JamesChris James Posts: 1,040
    Looking at the links the 'cross' bike has a 46/36 chain set which is more suited to actual cyclocross racing (i.e. a 50tooth Is too big to ever use in a cyclocross race and there is less of a jump in gearing when shifting rings). the city bike has lower and higher gears than the cross bike which has standard cyclocross race gears (46/25 and 11-28).

    As you said, the cross bike has 105 whereas the tread has tiagra. The cross bike has grifo tyres that are suitable for riding on mud and a lower spoke count wheelset, whereas the tread has city tyres and more spokes.
  • roger_merrimanroger_merriman Posts: 6,164
    At a quick glance the geometries are broadly the same, it's mainly the gearing and the tyres fitted.

    The cross looks like a bike for racing, has closer ratio gears etc. While the tread is more the cross bike most people use IE a bit of everything be that bridleways, towpaths and broken city streets and for that the wider ratio chain rings are more useful, Higher gears for rolling down hills at speed and lower gears for steep off road climbs.
  • oviovi Posts: 396
    Here is a sportif 1.1 with 35mm tyres fitted and is fine for gravel and road with mounts for mudguards and a rack. Its also cheaper with shimano 105 gearing.
  • oviovi Posts: 396
    just checked and only have a 58cm in stock though. ... e-EV211117
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