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Giant Defy 1, 0 or Advanced 3?

chapperzchapperz Posts: 10
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I have owned a Defy 5 for the last two years, which was my first road bike, and has done me very well. I now wish to upgrade to a higher spec and want to stick with the Giant brand. There are some great deals on the 2015 bikes so will probably go with one of those, I'm just struggling to work out which one!

Giant Defy 1 - full 105 setup
Giant Defy 0 - mix of 105 and ultegra
Giant Defy Advanced 3 - carbon but tiagra

I will be using it for 100+ mile sportives, but no races.
I'm wondering if I really need the carbon? And whether it's better getting the higher end aluminium with better groupset?

Am I right do discount the TCR Advanced 3 for being a race set-up bike?

I also have the option of getting a nearly new 2016 model Defy 0 for the same price as the 2015 model. Is it worth the extra for the disc brakes?



  • It depends if you really want a carbon bike, have you got a specific budget? If so I would go for the Defy 1, I've had one for the past 3 or 4 years and really like it, very good bike and would have thought you would be able to do 100 mile rides on it.

    Personally if you are doing long rides I would tend to go for an endurance bike such as the Defy 1 as opposed to a race bike such as the TCR.

    Hope this helps
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,193
    The Defy 0 and 1 use the same Aluxx SL frame and finishing kit, wheels and are both 11speed, so your choice comes down to the transmission components and the colour scheme. What's the difference in price between the two bikes?

    Worth considering the Defy Advanced 3 as a step up in comfort over the Aluxx SL bike, even though it is 10sp it is the new 4700 Tiagra, I think it looks nicer than the 4600 groupset, and matches the bikes colour scheme. The bike also has disc brakes.

    Do you mean the Defy Disc 1 bike when you say that you can get a nearly new 2016 Defy 0? The Defy 0 only comes with caliper brakes. No need to discount the TCR, it is race geometry though, longer TT, lower HT and shorter wheelbase than the Defy so you would need to go and try one if you are thinking about swopping to that from the Defy.

    Are you are keeping the Defy 5?
  • Thanks for the feedback so far!

    I will be keeping the Defy 5, to use as winter/wet weather bike probably.

    I meant the 2016 Defy 0, thought it had discs but on second look apparently not!

    My budget is really £750, but I can stretch an extra £100 for the 2015 Defy Advanced 3 if I decide on that, certainly no more though!

    Price wise:
    2015 Defy 1: £700
    2015 Defy 0: £750
    2016 Defy 0: £700
    2015 Defy Advanced 3: £850

    I'm now thinking I'm not going to feel much difference in the bike from my 5 if I get the 1 or 0? As you say, apart from the better groupset, the frame is the same geometry. If I get the Advanced 3 I am going to feel a noticeable difference in the frame and can always upgrade the components at a later date.

    Is it not the 2016 model that is the Tiagra 4700. Isn't the 2015 model the 4600?
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,193
    The Defy 0, 1 is a comfortable bike and certainly capable of 100 mile rides. Would you notice a difference between the Defy 5 and a 0 or 1, yes but not a big difference, if I were in you position I would still consider the Advance 3, seeing as you are keeping the 5.

    I have been a member on this forum for a little over two years and have read numerous times of members who purchased an aluminium framed bike as their first bike and then bought a second carbon best bike. They invariably comment on the increased comfort of the ride compared to the alu bike.

    I can't vouch for this myself as I'm at the first stage with a Defy 0 and have not ridden a carbon bike yet. Of course not all carbon frames are the same grade/lay up/design and so will ride differently, though that is for more knowledgeable people to advise on.

    Bear in mind that wheels/tyres and contact points also play a part in the overall comfort of a bike as does correct size and fit.
  • grenwgrenw Posts: 799
    If your budget is £750 I think it would be better spent on the Defy 1 @ £700 and then get some decent tyres. The OEM ones are awful. GP4000s were the best £55 I spent on my Defy 0.

    Brakes and saddle also changed - were dearer but nowhere near the impact.

    Perfect bike for what you mention. Most of my Sunday rides have bee 5 hours plus and in supreme comfort.
  • I had a similar choice a couple of years ago. I went for the carbon Defy and haven't regretted it. Consumables can be upgraded over time as you see fit and it's nice to have scope to improve it in future. I've added some new wheels which have also made a big difference.

    I have a hybrid as my winter bike and when the better weather comes around the difference of my roadie is incredible. If you are keeping the Defy 5 as a winter bike that will be a good mix and you will appreciate your summer bike more.
  • chapperzchapperz Posts: 10
    Appreciate all the opinions!
    I think I've pretty much decided to spend the little bit extra and get the Advanced 3. I'm going to go to the LBS at the weekend to take a look and hopefully decide!
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,193
    Yes you are correct, the 2015 Defy Advanced 3 is 10sp Tiagra 4600 not 4700, sorry for the confusion. ... 188/77292/
  • gimplgimpl Posts: 269
    chapperz wrote:
    Appreciate all the opinions!
    I think I've pretty much decided to spend the little bit extra and get the Advanced 3. I'm going to go to the LBS at the weekend to take a look and hopefully decide!

    You won't be sorry.

    I have an older aluminium Defy 1 for wet weather work and a 2013 Defy Composite 1 for dry/summer use. It was deliberate so that I didn't notice any change in set up from one to the other and whilst I do still love the Alu one and have no complaints I do always look forward to the long rides on the carbon fibre one. It also helps that I have upgraded them over time so they are both really excellent bikes now (not that they were bad before!).
  • chapperzchapperz Posts: 10
    And my next question... sizing.

    My Defy 5 is a L and it's generally comfortable, but on longer rides I do get some lower back pain. Sometimes I feel it's maybe slightly too big? Overreaching a little perhaps.

    I'm 6ft 1/2" with 34" inside leg. According to the Giant size guide, I should be slap bang between a M/L and L. My ape index is +4, which suggests (although only just) that the L frame is probably better?

    I'll be trying both at the LBS however I wanted to get some opinions beforehand.
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,193
    Have a read through this post, you may be more comfortable on an M/L.
  • chapperzchapperz Posts: 10
    DJ58 wrote:
    Have a read through this post, you may be more comfortable on an M/L.
    Interesting read! That certainly seems to suggest the M/L would be better.
  • deejayseedeejaysee Posts: 149
    I have the advanced 2 - fantastic bike.
    Just stretch yourself a few hundred quid more :wink:
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