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Carbon Seatmast help

mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 762
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Hi All

So just got my MTB back from the LBS and to be honest not very impressed, They have had it for over a week and of the 3 jobs they were meant to do they have only done 1 of them properly - Their excuse "We are not used to mountain bikes and mostly deal with road bikes" anyway not impressed, If they could not do the work they should not have taken on the job. Goes without saying I only paid for the job they did and I won't be using them in future.

Anyway I digress - As a result of the above I have bought the required tools and started to sort the jobs myself. One of the jobs the LBS was meant to do was take 2" off the carbon seatmast (not a carbon seat post) of my Scott Spark RC. Whilst they did this job I have just had a call from the LBS to say that they forgot to put the plastic plug back into the seatpost ?! Thankfully I have not ridden the bike since I got it back - I sat on it to make sure the height was correct but I am now worried that they could have damaged to seatmast. The plastic plug I believe is so the seat clamp does not crush the seatmast.

I cannot see any noticeable damage but the lbs tightened the seat clamp pretty tight onto the seatmast - Should I be worried ?

Thoughts ?


  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 762
    What makes things worse is the LBS is a high-end specialist and have 6k carbon bikes hanging up in their window so I naively thought that they would be able to fix a carbon MTB.
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