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New to Trails - Advice on Organizing a boys 3-4 day away trip

kincladkinclad Posts: 63
edited February 2016 in MTB rides
Hi Guys,

I'm looking at trying to organize a away trip with what you could say involves 4 relatively inexperienced mtb'ers. But not totally naïve (3 of us have done the IOM end to end). Discussions so far have been :-

Location - North Wales, Lake District..been mentioned so far.
Daily challenge - thinking 30ish miles - relatively challenging.
Opportunity to appreciate the glorious scenery more important than being challenged technically.

Would be interested to know peoples thoughts on the following:

Should we try and have a permanent base and drive to locations or would it be possible to almost plan a route totally on the bikes with pre booked stopovers at b&b's/Pubs?. The opportunity for some banter in a different pub each eve after the days toils sounds like fun. (I like the idea of the latter option but worried that something is bound to go censored 's up!).

Regardless of the 2 options we take, I guess we would still need to find the routes that suit us best, I guess downloadable routes from the various websites are the best option?

Can we organize this ourselves easy enough or should we be looking at company’s who specialize in providing this (if there are any?). Would hope and prefer to be able to organize on our own.

Not overly specific I know but any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

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