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I have the bits to build a hybrid but not sure on the cable colours..
The bike is matt black including the wheels.
I am fitting some XT brakes that have black hydraulic pipe/cables but have some very nice Shimano gear cables in green so would it look odd with brake cables in black and gear cables in green?
My idea was to add the green cables and perhaps add green grips as well but I can't make my mind up, so what do you reckon.



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    There are two schools of thought with black bikes - one holds that everything should be black, the other is that a few colour accents set the whole thing off nicely. Both are right.
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    LOL's That's about where I am.
    If it was both brake and gear cables in the green or red OK but just the gear cable I'm still not sure I suppose you could get coloured grips to make the blend a little better?