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Good bike to make like a rat bike?

tangled_metaltangled_metal Posts: 4,021
edited February 2016 in Commuting general
I was looking at a cyclist stopped by the side of the road waiting for something. He had a hybrid/MTB with street tyres on. The bike had no decals or identification. The paint was all distressed and patchy with two colours. Basically a typical rat bike except a closer look made me suspect it's actually a good bike.

This got me thinking that a nice bike to ride that was disguised as a rat bike might make it a nice ride into work. I've got a "good" bike in my London Road from PX that I'm thinking I'd rather keep in a better condition than commuting allows.

So, has anyone got ideas? Looking for a cheapish bike, probably flat bar with bar ends since that's what most rat bikes are and it must be a nice ride (fast too if possible). Then I'd like ideas on how to make it look uninteresting to potential thieves.

Basically a good bike, £400 at most and it must not look anything special. Then what paint to hide what it really is. I'm thinking tape over the decals on the suspension forks. What paint wouldn't ruin the bike but is easy to paint on in a durable way?

Some may say I'd just be better off with a second-hand bike, but I'm not keen on used bikes.


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