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Cycling Questionnaire for Dissertation

megancannonmegancannon Posts: 2
edited February 2016 in Road general
Hello Guys

I am currently a 4th year student at Glasgow Caledonian University studying International Tourism Management. I am conducting research to evaluate the sustainable transport policies of urban Scottish local authorities, in particular Glasgow City Council and their cycling initiatives

I was wondering if you could possibly take the time out to fill out my questionnaire.. I would be forever grateful as I understand you all may be busy.

The link is ... rm?c=0&w=1

Thank you very much.


  • haydenmhaydenm Posts: 2,934
    Done. Good luck
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Might be worth changing the title to indicate that this survey is very specific to Glasgow based cyclists. The first question on the survey made me realise that it was pointless me trying to assist...
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