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Some advice for an upgrade

yiannismyiannism Posts: 345
edited March 2016 in Commuting general
Hello from Cyprus. I am relative new on the sport like 6-7 months but i really love it. I own for the last 4 months the

Really good bike for its price 480 euros. I am doing like 60-90 miles per week. I am driving around 75-80% on the road, and 20-25% off road and the bike responds very well, i am not trying to be a champ, i just like to challenge my limits. I like off road more than road, and i have some issues with back discs.

I was thinking to upgrade the front fork, and i found those 2 options that i can afford. For the time being i cant afford to buy 2 bikes, one road and one MTB

Do you think that it worth to change it? and if yes which one? If not what do you suggest as an upgrade given my needs?


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